Innovative Facility Solutions is going to this year’s Mid-year PRSM Conference held in Hartford Connecticut from October 8th to the 10th. We hope to see you all there. This year we will have three representatives at PRSM. You will have the chance to meet Mr. Joe DeSilva the Director of Operations at IFS, and he is bringing with him probably the two youngest professionals in the facility maintenance field. Accompanying Mr. DeSilva to PRSM will be Alexis Chrzanowski our Sales Account Executive, and myself, Kyle Tryon the System Administrator as well as Sales Specialist.

For those who do not know,  the Professional Retail Store Maintenance Association (PRSM) is the leading organization that coordinates conventions for many facility maintenance professionals such as ourselves and provides a host of amazing services such as their informational webinars. At this year’s mid-year conference we are intrigued to see what key notes and seminars we can attend.

We will be leaving the New Jersey Shore in a few days to meet and greet with other facility professionals and hopefully make new connections with some of the great companies that often attend. If you plan on going to PRSM you should contact us on either here on our website here or on our Linkedin profiles which are linked above. We really hope we get the opportunity meet as many of you as possible and form a more personal relationship than was physically possible before hand. On that note, see you there and have a great day!

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IFS’s Green Initiative

IFS is currently going the transformation to create a green business. Read below to see how we here at Innovative Facility Solutions are creating a green-friendly work environment and are making environmentally responsible decisions while increasing productivity. Feel free to implement any of our initiatives in your business. Have an idea you would like to share to help IFS get greener? Comment below!


Going Paperless!

IFS has just recently finished converting all of our paperwork to digital formats we keep on our internal network. The original documents have been shredded and recycled. Keeping our documents in a digital form to start not only eliminates the need for paper in the office, it also greatly increases work efficiency. Keeping your documents digital makes them far easier to search for, and search within them. Not to mention you can make use of online back up services (many of which are also taking a green initiative) to keep your files securely backed up off location. Going paperless is easy, more secure, more efficient, and most of all helps reduce deforestation.

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How Professional Facility Management Will Revolutionize Your Business.

For a business of any size, you need to be sure that when the inevitable problems happen, they are fixed immediately. Your business suffers in productivity or is even ground to a halt every time equipment failure strikes, or maybe you lose customers because the building entrance is less than pleasant and you need a power washer and a landscaper. Have you ever been stuck looking to hire a contractor at the last minute, hoping they can finish the job? Or have you paid too much for an emergency job?

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IFSUS has a new website

Welcome to the new

We have recently decided to make the change over to a new responsive and retina ready design as a part of our goal to always be on the cutting edge of innovation. Our new website is far easier to navigate, and looks sharp on all devices. If you are viewing this from a phone or tablet, you may have also noticed that our website is fully responsive to the screen of your device to better accommodate your browsing experience.

We hope this new change brings a better experience to our customers and partners and we will continue to grow and better serve both online.

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