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IFS’s Green Initiative

IFS is currently going the transformation to create a green business. Read below to see how we here at Innovative Facility Solutions are creating a green-friendly work environment and are making environmentally responsible decisions while increasing productivity. Feel free to implement any of our initiatives in your business. Have an idea you would like to share to help IFS get greener? Comment below!


Going Paperless!

IFS has just recently finished converting all of our paperwork to digital formats we keep on our internal network. The original documents have been shredded and recycled. Keeping our documents in a digital form to start not only eliminates the need for paper in the office, it also greatly increases work efficiency. Keeping your documents digital makes them far easier to search for, and search within them. Not to mention you can make use of online back up services (many of which are also taking a green initiative) to keep your files securely backed up off location. Going paperless is easy, more secure, more efficient, and most of all helps reduce deforestation.

Also encourage email use over faxing. Faxing as stuck around for one reason or another, but it is a technology that is far outdated by email. Be sure your document gets to its destination instantly, and in a higher quality than fax using email.



Our new office has provided us with the opportunity to take part in a larger recycling effort, which came at the perfect time, as we just recycled all of our old paper work after going paperless. When in an office that generally uses a lot of recyclable materials (such as paper, paper towels, cardboard, and so on) it is fairly simple to utilize recycling. My personal trash can only contains recyclable materials simply for the fact that most office materials can be recycled. Simply toss your trash into the correct bin or dumpster at the end of the day.


Low Power PCs!

Most people assume you always need the biggest and baddest computer out there to do your work on. The fact of the matter is, word processing and internet usage on most computers is the same no matter what. Reading your email on a two-thousand dollar energy monster computer is actually no faster than if you were reading on a slim-line pc which is only a fraction of the cost. Many manufacturers now sell “slim-line” or “mini” PCs, they are smaller in size and therefore require fewer materials to create and come with lower energy parts. Best of all, these computers are normally between $200-$350. Save money on the computer, and the energy bill, and save the environment.


Reuse Materials!

When ever you get the chance, attempt to buy used/refurbished when ever it is acceptable. New does not always mean better, it normally just means more expensive. At our new office, we bought our cubicles from an old Verizon office. We saved a lot of money, and they are actually not only larger than average cubicles, they appear to be brand new. We also repair all of our computers here in the office rather than simply buy new ones. As long as some in the building can also perform the repairs it is actually much cheaper than replacing.


Don’t Let It Leak!

If you have a leaky faucet or pipe somewhere in the building, not only with the cost of that water over time add up on your utility bill, it’s also environmentally irresponsible. Being a facility maintenance company, we consistently check for leaks in pipes and other faulty equipment to be assured our own facilities are up to par with what our customers would expect.


Shut Down Equipment!

As obvious as this may seem, it is still worth going over. Be sure to turn off all lights at your desk before you go out to lunch and if acceptable be sure to turn off your computer before you leave for the day. Keeping your computer in sleep mode or hibernate will also reduce power usage if you plan on being away from it for some time. Be sure not to allow the heating and air conditioning to be running at night if no one will be in the office. Cut your power usage and cut your electric bill.



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